These people inspire me in my everyday life...



Nigel Powell

Nigel @ the Borderline, London, 02.03.00 (© Anelyse)


Band: Unbelievable Truth

Nigel Powell is probably the one who proved to me that drums exist, really. :-)

I mean, I seemed to be like some people who used to think that drums were not that important in a song, until I heard him playing drums...He inspires me musically and also I wouldn’t have this wild dream of becoming a drummer one day if it hadn’t been for him. Favourite UT songs will probably include ‘Landslide’, ‘Building’, ‘Who’s to know’...

He often says that he hopes what he does is worth being done. I really think it is, it changed my view on music and it gave me something to think about and to look forward to.

I have no idea whether he’s going to read this one day but I hope he sees that he’s just the best drummer I know, cos that will probably bring some confidence to him...

Note: Try anything you can to hear a live version of ‘Pedestrian’... This is genius :-)


Band: Unwound

Ah, Sara...She’s the most frustrating person for me at the moment. I mean, she’s an amazing drummer in an amazing punk rock band from Olympia...And...


For all those reasons you should all be listening to Unwound...some of my favourite songs in terms of stunning drums are probably "The World is flat", "Sonata for loudspeakers", "Side effects of being tired", all on ‘Challenge for a civilized society’.

A special thank you to my best friend Anelyse because I wouldn’t have heard of that band if she hadn’t been into Olympia bands that much :-)


Sara Lund

There's an interview with Sara hiding here somewhere!


Phil Selway


Band: Radiohead

Phil...He’s doing an amazing job at not screwing up Thom Yorke’s songs ;-)

I’m just kidding really. I really admire him because no matter what is going on around him, he always tries to be as concentrated as possible, which means that he can often be seen sticking his tongue out in a ‘Don’t make any mistakes’ way. What I particularly like about Phil’s playing would be the drumloops he does in tracks like ‘Airbag’, ‘Climbing up the walls’, ‘Pearly’... also ‘Lurgee’ is brilliant :-)


Other Bands where great drum sounds can be noticed :


The Microphones

Punk Rock Band from Olympia, with a very original sound . I only heard of them a few weeks ago actually, my best friend used to tell me lots of good things about this band, and she finally found their album when she was in London. So I got to hear that and was very impressed by this band. The most representative song for me has to be Ocean 1,2,3, the first song I heard as well (off their album "Don't wake me up")...very very interesting, very good...Thanks again to Anelyse ;-)





Great British band, with a great drummer (Olly Peacock) and great percussions...All has already been said about Gomez before, so I don’t think there’s anything to add...Favourite Gomez track ? Very hard question...depends on the state I’m in really, ‘78 Stone Wobble’ is one of them usually...


Another great artistic and inspiring person I admire : Anelyse